Date: Tuesday 5th May
Time: 14:00 - 15:30
Room: York Suite

Flight and fight are the well-known actions that we humans, animals and reptiles take when we’re scared or terrified. However, when we can do neither because we’re trapped, immobilised or simply have nowhere to go as is often the case with children, we may freeze or dissociate. These “frozen moments” however do not necessarily disappear, they can live within the mind/body as disowned parts of self that continue to have impact on how we live on our relationships. In psychodrama, we can concretise these moments through role play, we can talk to them, enter into them and bring the feelings associated with them from the inside to the outside. We can see, feel and heal them in a supportive, therapeutic context. In this experiential workshop we’ll do a “frozen moment” social atom, and a sculpture of a frozen moment. This is a contained way in which we can take a step back and see the picture more fully in working with relational trauma.

Learning Objectives:

1. Gain a picture of a moment in which one may have felt traumatised and dissociated or frozen.
2. Allow the protagonist to ascertain their own “frozen moment” rather than having to meet it in the course of role play and risk feeling blindsided by their own frozenness.
3. Create a safe, experiential structure through which to work with relational trauma.
4. Gain access to parts of the self that one may have thrown out of consciousness.
5. Gain a clearer sense of the internalised family system that a protagonist may be operating from in their lives.

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