We arrive from the womb a fresh sponge, absorbing everything that surrounds us in the bucket we call ‘life’. Whatever we are exposed to fills the absorbent void within us and becomes our learning. If that learning is muddied with erratic attention, unhealthy attachment, frightening behaviours or worse, children learn to fear the world and seek to fill their perception of reality with anything from outside themselves that satiates this inner fear and pain. The perfect setup for addiction; external physical and emotional ‘medicine’ becomes their norm and so often, intensity becomes their intimacy. Game over? No: game just beginning!

Learning Objectives:

1. To explore the Mother/Son relationship and how conflicting behaviours can predispose a child to a confusing emotional intensity in manhood.
2. To explore anger and rage when carried within a boy and how this inner sickness can affect his adult relationships with himself and others.
3. To examine the void within us, the path back to our soul and the importance of nurturing a healthy connection to ourselves from a place of ‘into-me-see’ intimacy.

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