Globally, an increase in risk-taking behaviour has been precipitated by the wave of personal and societal violence and disconnection from family and community resulting from the current pandemic, deep-seated racism, fear, and world-wide migration. The result of this trauma is increased post-traumatic stress, substance use disorder, sexual risk-taking, behavioural compulsions and/or process addictions (technology, food, gambling, workaholism, etc.), and other chronic and life-threatening physical and mental illnesses. It becomes a challenge to focus on solutions rather than the immediate problems of daily life.

The aim of this presentation is to change the perspective from helplessness and hopelessness to hope, strength and resilience. Our primary goal is to explore how we as professionals can help youth and families understand that the necessary tools are available, and that they need only to learn how and when to apply them.

We will present research that focuses on understanding human process and developing and testing methods for individuals, families and communities to build positive attachment and to draw on their intergenerational strengths and resilience. Focus is on the power of positive psychology, resilience and Transitional Family Theory (Landau, 1982, 2018) and practice. We will explore how families and communities serve as a stabilising force; foster open communication; teach empathy and provide opportunities for leadership. Our discussion will include balancing Agency, Belief and Communion with appropriate timing, people and places.

Learning Objectives:

  • Assess and map all levels of youth, family and community involvement and collaboration.
  • Understand current transitions through individual and family life cycle stages.
  • Identify available resources and protective factors.
  • Increase connection across family and community. 

  • Establish clear intervention goals to facilitate resilience rather than perpetuate vulnerabilities.
  • Design clinical outcomes for adolescents and families owning their inherent resilience.

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