Date: Wednesday 6th May
Time: 10:45 - 11:45
Room: York Suite

Some reflections on the difficulties in diagnosing and prescribing in the field of addictions

Treating complex patients with substance use disorders has its particular challenges. In this presentation, Dr Kaplick will talk about two aspects. Firstly, what role dose diagnosing play and specifically what does ‘Dual Diagnosis’ imply in this context? Secondly, how to handle the prescribing of medications and how to judge help versus harm? Finally: How to put these aspects into the psychotherapeutic context of the rehabilitation process?

Learning Objectives:

1. Understanding the implications of (dual/multiple) diagnosing in the treatment of addictions.
2. Understanding the use, abuse and harm of prescribed medications.
3. What impact has diagnosing and prescribing in the psychotherapeutic context of rehabilitation

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4-6 May 2020