Date: Tuesday 5th May
Time: 09:30 - 10:30
Room: York Suite

Recovery is a widely used outcome within substance use treatment. In 2016, we published a validated measure of recovery called the Substance Use Recovery Evaluator (SURE). SURE was co-produced with people using substances and attracted international interest. Users of SURE soon reported that they wanted to access the measure in an app so they could self-monitor their own recovery and achieve personal goals.

The aim of our next project was therefore to develop such an app. In 2018/19, we employed a user-centred design process to identify content for, co-design, and build the app. This involved over 40 people with lived experience of addiction working collaboratively with qualitative researchers, statisticians, clinicians, and digital designers. The app (SURE Recovery) was published on the App Store and Google Play in October 2019. It comprises i. a recovery tracker, providing SURE scores with personalised feedback; ii. a sleep tracker, enabling people to assess their own sleep; iii. an artwork feature, allowing people to share their creations with the recovery community; iv. a diary feature, offering a safe space to record thoughts and feelings; v. information on the life-saving drug naloxone; and vi. free access to a book on recovery. The app also gives people opportunities to participate in further research.

SURE Recovery is an engaging self-management tool developed with, and for, people using substances or in recovery. Future research will explore how it is being used, how it can be improved, and whether using the app can itself change behaviours.

Learning Objectives:

1. To understand what is meant by collaborative research.
2. To understand what is meant by a patient reported outcome measure (or PROM).
3. To understand how the Substance Use Recovery Evaluator can be used.

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