In a recent article for The Atlantic, cultural commentator David Brooks shares “We’re likely living through the most rapid change in family structure in human history. The causes are economic, cultural and institutional all at once.” Every day I hear stories that bring this striking observation to life.

Our culture is undergoing a rapid deterioration of family. This dramatic shift towards convenience, independence, and self-fulfilment is costing us. It’s making us more fragmented and less stable. When tragedy strikes, many of us don’t have a reliable place to turn. We desperately need to create new networks of comradery and support.

Unfortunately, the problems that the mental health and addiction industry treat are outpacing the solutions that we provide. Our industry is riddled with scarcity, comparison and competition, when we desperately need a renewed focus on building networks of collaboration. This lack of kinship and connection isn’t just impacting our clients, it’s also breaking down the effectiveness of our industry.

In this talk, we’ll discuss how we can forge a culture of “kinship” that can help us combat the loneliness and burnout epidemic and strengthen our collective resilience in our industry, our communities, and the world.

Learning objectives:

1. How to better understand the cultural shifts and trends around family and how they are impacting our mental health.
2. How we can build networks of comradery and support.
3. How we can forge a culture of “kinship” that can help combat the loneliness epidemic and strengthen our collective resilience.

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