Date: Wednesday 6th May
Time: 16:00 - 17:30
Room: York Suite

During this conversation, we will go deep into Ervins perspective on how we can co-exist with our environment and higher energy. A series of questions will be put to Ervin along with audience questions on his experience, his hopes and how we can connect with compassion.

“A range of different types of consciousness is available to human beings. It’s a kind of anomaly that postmodern Western culture has narrowed the range of that what we are encouraged to have. Maybe it’s not so much a transformation we are speaking of, but an opening. It’s a reclaiming.

“A growing body of evidence suggests that what we do affects others and what others do affects us, and yet within this matrix, individuality is not suffocated but paradoxically liberated into deeper forms of self-expression. The self that sees and consciously participates in the porosity of becoming more than the self who didn’t see it. Experientially opening to the Akashic field that surrounds us melts the boundaries of the private ego, bringing about the “death of self” spoken of so often in the spiritual literature; but as the ego dies, a new form of individuality is being birthed, not an isolated individuality but one that thrives in this deeper give and take. In the end, I think we will see that expanding the breadth of our conscious participation in the surrounding matrix of life brings forward a new depth of personal presence in history.”

“I have learned that all knowledge is available to us. We don’t have to create it; we have only to access it. Simply ask in the right way—not with pride in your accomplishment, but with an open heart. I don’t even mean to ask humbly, in the sense of being self-deprecating. Don’t think about yourself at all, nor about your ability or lack of it. Concentrate, rather, on attuning yourself to Infinite Consciousness and ask for guidance in what you want to do. It’s delightful, fun, and deeply inspiring to work and let yourself be used in this way.”

“At any moment, a human being can receive new energy from the wellspring of the universe. However, to receive this pristine energy, our thoughts need to connect with it. We can do this with pure prayer or with peace-loving thoughts such as “I am so grateful! Everything will definitely get better!” or “May peace prevail on Earth!”

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4-6 May 2020