It seems like we can’t pick up our phones or turn on our televisions these days without hearing about some sort of global tragedy. Our days -- and our minds -- are filled with news of mass shootings, terrorist threats, and the catastrophic effects of climate change.

It’s getting harder and harder to silence the voices that seem to telling us “there’s nothing we can do” and “the world is dark and hopeless.” In Combatting Existential Despair, Cindy Westcott will share how we can build hope and resiliency in a world that is desperate for it.

Learning Objectives:

1. Better understand the ongoing effects of global and existential despair as it applies to an overwhelming sense of hopelessness in our clients and communities.
2. Provide statistics and other practical resources to support clients in existential despair.
3. Identifying and recognizing difference between depression and despair.
4. Identify practical tools to assist clients in recognizing how to take action with their fears and frustrations.
5. Identify true facts of how the world is changing.
6. Provide tangible research-based reasons for hope.
7. Understanding the role of media and technology play on our existential despair.

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