Covid-19 has forced the business world into adapting new strategies for delivering their services as social distancing and shelter in place practices have become the new norm. It has been no different for the clinical arena. While traditional treatment has been restricted due to the mandates of social distancing, curfews, and shelter in place, clinicians have had to find new platforms to provide services to those in need. Although teletherapy offers an alternative to traditional "in office" therapy, it does require a shift from traditional therapeutic practices and intervention strategies.

Both therapists and client encounter new dynamics in "connecting" as they navigate internet challenges. This presentation will explore the difficulties encountered in formulating a virtual substance use disorder treatment program while reviewing necessary changes in clinical styles to adapt to this new platform.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Gain an understanding of the technological challenges of implementing a virtual program.
  2. Become familiar with necessary adaptations to clinical style for a virtual world.
  3. Discern advantages and disadvantages to treating substance use disorders virtually, including implications for co-occurring disorders.

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