Psychotherapy is a conversation…but not a typical conversation. We want to help our clients discover something new in each session, and for this to happen, there must be a sense of aliveness, exploration, possibility, and at times discomfort. Victor will offer insights from his practice as a psychologist, as well as working with the masters in our field producing training videos, on how to make maximize the sense of aliveness in therapy. He will discuss various techniques to help the client move deeper into their own immediate experience, and to engage in the here-and-now of the therapeutic relationship in a way that sheds light on the client’s interpersonal world.

He will share insights and tips he has garnered working with such legendary figures as:

•His father Irvin Yalom—Using the here-and-now in group and individual therapy

•Existential-humanistic psychologist James Bugental—Exploring client’s inner subjectivity, and working with resistance

•EFT founder Susan Johnson—Using the here-and-now in couples therapy

•Peter Levine: Working with the body

•Otto Kernberg, Reid Wilson, Erv Polster and others.

Ultimately each therapist must integrate their psychotherapeutic training and life experience into their person-of-the-therapist to develop their own authentic voice and approach.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn to help client increase access to their inner experience.
  2. Understand and improve skill in working in here and now of therapeutic relationship.
  3. Understand common attributes of master therapists.

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