Using a systems approach to organise the care continuum and restructure the client's potentiality for success. Informing the clinician and family of resources that have the ability to enhance the client's chances of engaging with and being successful in recovery. Analysing the current systems around each client while putting in place healthy systems to support success and sustain change.

The panel will explore and inform on the resources and healthy systems available and how best to implement for clients who require individually tailored support for success. The panel will also navigate, ethical, cultural, religious, and financial barriers to a successful recovery.

The panellists bring a unique perspective and informed history with treating and providing support for complex clients and their journey to health and recovery.

Learning Objectives:

1. Providing a range of resources for the care continuum.

2. Exploring the ethical, cultural and religious sensitivity for recovery coaches and interventionists working with complex clients

3. Using a systems approach to create a clinical recovery team for clients

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