The Kusnacht Practice

About The Kusnacht Practice

The Kusnacht Practice is the most exclusive recovery centre in the world, treating a wide range of addictive and psychological disorders in a luxurious surrounding. Each patient is treated individually, and privately. The ultimate goal at The Kusnacht Practice is to save lives by helping clients to achieve a lasting recovery, free from the destructive effects of addiction and other damaging psychological disorders.

The History of The Kusnacht Practice

The Kusnacht Practice AG, a Swiss licensed treatment centre, near Zurich was founded by Mr. Lowell Monkhouse in 2007, having first practiced as a clinician at addiction clinics and psychiatric hospitals in the US and Europe, including the Priory, Charter Day Care, Promises and his own private practice.

The Kusnacht Practice is built in a unique way, in that they do not have a “clinic” in the traditional sense of word. They have individual villas, completely separate from one another located indifferent villages along the lake of Zurich. Experts visit clients at their location on a daily basis, ensuring the highest level of privacy and discretion for their clients. It was founded with the idea to revolutionise the treatment of addiction by giving each individual the one-on-one care and attention they need and with the use of Biomolecular Restoration (Bio-R). They always strive to “think out of the box” and combine all the therapies available from all around the world to provide a holistic treatment programmeme. This has been proven extremely successful and over the years, treating numerous international clients, from different cultures, languages and faith.

Treating the underlying problems

Their internationally renowned team of doctors and psychiatrists provide individual care, identifying and treating the underlying causes of a problem. They believe the best way to treat the majority of psychological and dependency disorders is to look beyond mere symptoms in order to identify the root causes of a problem.

Combine this with bespoke care plans and innovative technologies, they offer their international clients a comprehensive, unique treatment programmeme with the greatest chance of lasting recovery. This enables clients to take advantage of an intensive programmeme of up to eight hours per day of highly efficient one-to-one sessions.

Bio-R and healthy biochemistry is essential to long lasting recovery

They have successfully pioneered the use of Bio-R as a highly effective treatment that detects the underlying causes of chronic emotional discomfort, addiction and many other disorders. Bio-R involves in-depth laboratory analysis of a person’s individual biochemistry, which is as unique as your fingerprint. Through blood samples, DNA and other tests they gain a detailed understanding of the causes and effects of issues that impact on a person’s health and emotional wellbeing. They use this priceless insight to create a computer-generated formulation of micronutrients, which is tailored to match the precise requirements of each client. This results in highly innovative way of boosting vitality, whilst greatly enhancing the chances of a lasting recovery from a range of disorders.

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