The Guest House Ocala

The Guest House Ocala provides the highest concierge style treatment services to those who suffer from trauma and underlying issues, causing self defeating behaviors, such as substance and process addictions, anxiety, and depression.

The injuries we receive on our journey through life often go unwitnessed and unacknowledged. The hurt and the shock embedded by these painful memories instill a sense of disconnection from our bodies and impair our ability to process our true feelings. At The Guest House we believe that sharing your story with others creates an environment of emotional intimacy and trust, a place of connection, that allow us to experience real forgiveness and reconciliation. We believe sharing the darkness in a sanctuary of love and compassion is the birthplace of transformation.

Our Programme

At The Guest House we base our programme on delving into the underlying issues that create the coping mechanisms of addiction and the trauma reactivity that is seen in anxiety, relationship dysfunction and somatic issues. We believe that if you understand what came before, everything else can be stabilized and true progress can be made. We believe in a multidimensional and individualized approach to treatment.

Each one of our guests has a different story and history that created the circumstances that brings them to treatment. As a result, each of our guests require an individualized plan for their care. We use many different therapeutic modalities and discovering which is most effective for each guest and utilizing those approaches to help our clientele grow and heal. Our model can best be described as an attachment model, our motto is "love them back to health". We believe in a holistic approach healing the body with nutrition and exercise, the mind with therapy and the spirit with community and self discovery.

Therapeutic Modalities

Group Therapy

Group therapy is a powerful and transformational process utilizing a group dynamic to mirror and influence past and present behaviors to begin the process of healing.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy offers clients essential insight into their personal journey with our Certified Trauma Therapists. Participants will have the opportunity to explore issues and life-changing events in order to gain awareness and clarity, and to clearly delineate strategies for moving forward.

Transformational Breath Work

Transformational breath work is a powerful meditation technique for self-healing that aids practitioners in processing unresolved pain and healing trauma. Incorporating ancient eastern breathing techniques with innovative western healing philosophies and music, breath work reveals and releases restricted breathing patterns, clears the subconscious mind, assists in connecting with higher states of consciousness, and integrates physical, mental, and spiritual experiences.


Psychodrama is a transformative therapeutic tool that uses role play and dramatic interpretation to access emotionally challenging patterns and events in a safe and healing manner. Reenacting life-changing events from a different perspective allows the participant profound insight and healing in the examination of the role, character and behavior of others as well as an illuminating look at themselves.

Somatic Therapy

Somatic therapy is an advanced psychotherapy technique seeking to recognize and release the residual tension, or somatic energy, that the body generates during significant episodes of physical and/or emotional distress. Our experienced somatic therapists facilitate profound emotional recovery at a cellular level that has proven to dramatically assist in the healing process.


Somatic therapy was developed by Dr. Peter Levine following his observation that animals in the wild do not exhibit symptoms of trauma despite their confrontation with life-threatening situations on an almost daily basis. His conclusion was that animals successfully discharge energetic stores through their physical responses to fight or flight situations and that human trauma may result from an unnatural accumulation of these energy reserves in the physical body.

Equine Therapy

Equine therapy embraces the innate bond between people and horses to provide a deeply positive and loving exploration of the nature of relationships in a safe and naturally beautiful setting. With the expert guidance of our equine therapy specialists, the kind temperament, gentle affection, and sheer size of these lovely creatures encourage a uniquely safe exploration of relationship dynamics and the experience of unconditional love.

Adventure Therapy

Adventure-based therapy creates dynamic trust-building initiatives and opportunities for extensive personal growth in an enchanting, state-of-the-art outdoor setting. Our experienced instructors safely challenge and support our clients to redefine and reimagine their identity and experience through a combination of physical activity, teamwork and communication.

Meditation / Yoga

The ancient arts of meditation and yoga encourage mindfulness and spiritual renewal, reminding us to simplify our lives and to release emotionally charged holds from the past, while simultaneously enacting profound physiological change at a cellular level. Meditation teaches practitioners to create a sanctuary within, accessible whenever they choose, by focusing on the breath and clearing the mind. Yoga uses the natural healing instincts of the body to enhance meditative breathing with rhythmically flowing physical poses. Both of these transcendent practices give ease where needed and prove increasingly challenging as one’s practice grows.

Art in Healing

Art in healing provides a sensory exploration of our subconscious through color, texture, movement and light. Our talented clinicians combine diverse mediums ranging from paint, clay, paper, cardboard and tissue paper to inspire personal reflection and encourage cathartic release through creative play.

Music in Healing

Music in healing provides a deeply healing outlet for emotional upheaval and crisis navigation, allowing sound to naturally evoke feelings and memories with an authentic psychological imprint that may significantly aid healing and recovery. Music also has the power to impart a sense of peaceful calm, to elicit joy from the pure beauty of a particularly arresting arrangement, and to connect us to hidden wells of resolution and forgiveness. Our talented and insightful clinicians engage guests through listening to musical arrangements, playing instruments, writing song lyrics, and creating playlists and soundtracks that may aid in stress reduction and mood enhancement.

Cinema Therapy

Cinema therapy gives guests the opportunity to gain perspective and a more profound understanding of their lives and personal choices by observing behaviors, actions and emotions as they play out onscreen. Movies can enhance viewers’ perspective and understanding about the influence of social, environmental and psychological factors by creating distance from their personal history while emotionally connecting and identifying with characters and situations to which they can relate. Our experienced therapists use the multiple modalities employed in cinema, such as music, color, pacing, and vivid imagery, to encourage clients to access and process deeply-held emotions in a supportive therapeutic environment.

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