Over 314 million people worldwide struggle with addiction and the first place they are likely to turn for help is the internet—over family, friends, or medical professionals. RehabPath is building platforms that present trusted, helpful resources to people looking for addiction and mental health treatment, while providing an effective and ethical advertising channel for treatment providers.
RehabPath has launched five globally sites so far, including India's top treatment resource, and, a collection of high-end, prestigious providers worldwide. We are very excited about our most recent launch: RehabPath UK!

Our guiding principle is to put the patient first. We never put the needs of advertisers over the goal of helping every person that comes to the site. Here are some ways our sites may stand apart from others:

    • We don’t charge for listings. Often listing sites will purposefully hide information on free listings, like the phone number or website in order to try to coax more providers into paying for advertising. This hurts the patient’s experience and we don’t believe in delegitimizing providers that don’t or can’t pay. All of the offerings we provide to advertisers are in addition to the good quality, baseline listing we give to any provider. (Think Yelp or TripAdvisor)
    • The only phone numbers on center pages are for the actual center. Often, treatment directories build a business on pushing people to call their call center. Sometimes, the call center phone number is shown in such a way that a consumer thinks they are calling a treatment center’s direct line, but in fact they are calling a call center who may try to funnel this person to a particular center. We avoid this altogether, by only listing the actual provider’s number on the page.
    • We do not take referral fees of any kind from providers. We also don’t sell leads.
    • There is no hotline. We don’t aggregate our visitors information or sell calls or leads in any way. 100% of our listings and advertising is branded by the treatment center, so patients are always talking directly to a vetted provider, never a middle man.

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