Nightingale Hospital

Nightingale Hospital is central London’s only private hospital offering inpatient, outpatient and day patient treatment for addictions, eating disorders and general psychiatric conditions.

We have over 30 years’ experience in treating national and international patients and offer 24/7 admissions to respond to psychiatric emergencies.

Our multidisciplinary team consists of renowned consultant psychiatrists, specialist addiction nurses, therapists and psychologists, delivering specialised and evidence-based treatments.

We offer intensive inpatient treatment through our robust 28-day rehabilitation programme, which is supported by a structured daily 7-day weekly therapy programme inclusive of one-to-one therapy and equine-assisted therapy.

Nightingale’s hospital setting enables us to expertly care for patients with a dual diagnosis, as well as treat patients of all acuity levels. We offer a full medical detox upon inpatient admission, as well as a separate specialised detoxification programme.

Our therapeutic model is underpinned by an integrative approach combining motivational interviewing, CBT, interpersonal group therapy and 12-step facilitation.

Family and friends are also included in patients’ care wherever appropriate and are invited to attend a monthly family day and a free weekly support group. We also provide ongoing support for inpatients and day patients for a year after discharge, via free weekly aftercare groups.


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