Paris 19


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Maison de la Chimie, 28 Rue Saint-Dominique, 75007 Paris, France

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21st June 2019

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This year, our 4th iCAAD Paris day-conference will address the central theme of addiction and identity. An opening Keynote and debate will be followed with 9 Master Classes covering important and relevant topics when treating addictive disorders beyond the addiction.  They provide the audience with evidence based and best practice insight knowledge directly applicable into our practice.

The conference provides CPD credits and is suitable for:

  • Health care professional and social workers
  • Students from Medical school and psychology universities
  • Psychiatrists and Addictologists and General practitioners
  • Clinical psychologists and psychotherapists
  • Private practitioners
  • Mental and health care institutions


Notre 4ème edition de iCAAD Paris abordera cette année les aspects identitaires des Troubles Addictifs. Une séance plénière suivie d’un débat ouvrira une série de 9 Master Classes couvrant des themes spécifiques et important lors de la prise en charge de nos patients. Notre objectif est d’offrir aux participants non seulement un apporfondissement des problématiques mais surtout des outils directement applicables avec nos patients.

La conférence ouvre droit aux credits-formation CPD et est destinés aux:

  • Professionnels de la santé et de l’aide sociale
  • Etudiants en médecine et psychologie
  • Médecins Psychaitres, Addictologues et Généraliste
  • Psychologues cliniciens et psychothérapeutes
  • Praticiens en libéral
  • Instititutions prestataires de soins


  2. “If post-modern capitalist society is all about consumption, with consumption as the source of identity, then the addict is in some ways the paragon of a capitalist identity, being the most obvious ex ...
  3. Stu Fenton will address the many specificities of the LGBT communities and individualities through a multifaceted approach linking identity quest, painful stigmas of Chemsex and addiction, and most im ...
  4. How does the alcoholic or addicted individual effect the family and community?  In what way do they equally become sick?  What does intervention, treatment and aftercare look like for the family and h ...
  5. In recent years, we have observed a growing clinical demand for people with compulsive sexual behaviour. Faced with this particular problem, it is essential for practitioners to adopt a benevolent att ...
  6. Motivational Interviewing (MI) is a relational person-centered approach focused on motivating and enhancing the process of change. In the MI approach, the patient is at the center of the decision proc ...
  7. When and how can we conceptualise addiction as a narcissistic decease? Research has often linked alcoholism with narcissistic deprivation in childhood. Narcissism differentiates from borderline person ...
  8. 67% of Addicts present in average with 4 to 5 different addictions alongside the visible one. They are not just a sum of self-destructive behaviours; they are intertwined and operate all together as a ...
  9. Philippe Cavaroz and Dr Asta Georgsdottir will lead a workshop Master Class on out-patient treatment, exploring what can be done for a person suffering from an addiction when residential program is no ...
  10. This presentation will explain what transgenerational trauma is and highlight how parent-to-child carried emotional dynamics impact the child development and lead to mental health issues and addiction ...
  11. ENG: Anxiety disorders are the most prevalent psychiatric disorders often going along with depressive feelings. According to epidemiological surveys, one third of the population is at least once affec ...
  12. Prevalence of patients in addiction care units with associated mental illness is between 60-80%. It is therefore necessary to integrate co-morbidity in most case formulation and addiction treatment pl ...
  13. As every year, Professor Michel Reynaud will honour us by his presence and his wisdom through a closing allocution.   Comme chaque année, le Professeur Michel Reynaud nous honorera de sa présence et n ...

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