Trauma Work Masterclass

Join Us For A Very Special Masterclass

Wednesday 6th May, 2020

This year at iCAAD London, Judy Crane and Tom Pecca will be presenting a very special Masterclass which will look at the purpose of purpose and the meaning of meaning, whilst also exploring generational trauma.

This Masterclass will take place on Wednesday 6th May and there are limited tickets available. You may either buy a ticket for just the masterclass, or register here if you already have a three day ticket. Don’t forget seats are limited so REGISTER NOW!


Morning Session

The Purpose of Purpose and the Meaning of Meaning

This presentation will explore the need for meaning and purpose when healing from trauma and addiction. As Nietzsche said, “He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.”. There is a long history in psychology of using meaning and purpose as an instrument of change, most notably Viktor Frankel and his therapeutic model of Logotherapy. This presentation will look at the specific use of this model with those recovering from substance and process addiction and PTSD. We will look at the neurobiology of attachment, addiction and trauma and the implications on the use of purpose and meaning in changing neuropathways in the brain. We will look at anecdotal data and the impressions of those that have long term recovery on the impact of purpose and meaning in their recovery. We will explore purpose and meaning from the perspective of shame reduction and as a tool for managing trauma reactivity.

Afternoon Session

Generational Trauma: Healing the past, the present and the future.

Is historical trauma within a family passed down through the DNA and through witnessing behaviors, attachment, trauma reactivity, depression and anxiety? Do family of origin issues make us more susceptible to addiction and mental health issues? Does the healing of a family system impact the current generation and future generations?

This presentation will explore generational trauma, it’s impact on mental health, addiction and issues within the family. We will look at the latest research, case studies, and anecdotal evidence. The presentation will discuss the impact of traumatic events on the individual and the family system. We will explore the connection between trauma and addiction and the necessity for healing trauma to aid in the recovery from addictions. We will emphasize the need for family work when working with trauma, addiction and mental health.

Judy Crane at iCAAD Iceland
The Trauma Heart, Stories of Survival and Hope.

Tom Pecca
Destructive, Repetitive Patterns of Addiction

The Guest House

Judy and Tom both work at The Guest House Ocala. Judy is the Co-Founder and CEO, and Tom is the Senior Clinical Advisor. The Guest House Ocala provides the highest concierge style treatment services to those who suffer from trauma and underlying issues, causing self defeating behaviours, such as substance and process addictions, anxiety, and depression.

At The Guest House, they believe injuries we receive on our journey through life often go unwitnessed and unacknowledged. The hurt and the shock embedded by these painful memories instil a sense of disconnection from our bodies and impair our ability to process our true feelings.

At The Guest House they believe that sharing your story with others creates an environment of emotional intimacy and trust, a place of connection, that allow us to experience real forgiveness and reconciliation. They believe sharing the darkness in a sanctuary of love and compassion is the birthplace of transformation.

Join Us For The Masterclass

Wednesday 6th May