iCAAD Amsterdam, November 27th 2018

We couldn’t be happier with the amazing turnout, depth and breadth of the presentations, panels and workshops at our very first iCAAD Amsterdam. The feedback has been amazing, thank you to each and every one of our participants.

It’s hard to explain in words how the progression of the day joined more and more dots together as it went along, how each presentation grew from the previous one and added to the continuously growing theme.

How Dr Constant Mouton’s excellent opening keynote on co-occuring disorders was built upon with Dr Jules Tielens truly eye-opening presentation on psychosis, which also included a good portion of his own experiences.

From Dr Tielens own experiences the panellists and afternoon facilitators were then willing to open up and make themselves real, vulnerable people to the participants, rather than just expert panellists or teachers, opening the up day in a million more ways, making it a truly participatory event.

The experiential workshops, facilitated by over 10 experts in their fields, led to some incredible discussions and conclusions – but most importantly, courageous conversations, collaborations and new relationships.

This is what we are so passionate about at iCAAD – connecting people from different walks of life, different services within the same or other sectors, different methodologies, cultures and belief systems – people who don’t often get the opportunity to talk in such a way – building on the existing networks and collaborative community, bringing in new friends and colleagues – sometimes from very surprising places.

We were so grateful to Judy Crane from The Guest House Ocala and Tami Jo Lind from High Watch for flying all the way over from the states to share their expertise with us. Also a big thank you to Meino from Elsden and Peter ter Horst for helping us organise the whole event. Thanks also to all of our Global Partners, without whom we couldn't achieve any of this. Finally a big thank you to each and every one of our speakers: Dr Colleen M. Kelly; Dr Constant Mouton; Denise van den Brink; Dr Florian Kaplick; Judy Crane; Jules Tielens; Kim Hamers; Linda Schaap; Loes Hanck; Meino de Vries; Michel Odufré and Tami-Jo Lind.

Our mission statement is very simple – we are a platform expanding knowledge, exchanging ideas, advancing wellbeing and for the prevention and treatment of Behavioural, Mental, and Emotional Health issues. I believe that yesterday’s event achieved this, and more – and we are delighted to announce that we’ll be coming back next year – details will come in time, but you could certainly block November 21st 2019 in your diaries – for iCAAD Amsterdam 2019!

We’ll keep you posted but in the meantime thanks to all those who came, participated and took part. See you next year!