Istanbul’s first and most innovative conference of its kind

26 Apr 2018

Just over a week ago, iCAAD hosted, alongside C4 Recovery Solutions and Uskudar University, Istanbul’s first and most innovative conference of its kind. It truly was something extremely important for Turkey and the field of behavioural, emotional and mental healthcare. Below are just some of the highlights of the event (taken from feedback given to us after the event) which indicate exactly what made this conference so different from anything Turkey has seen before.

1    The attendance: 137 people in total from all areas and professions which leads to: 

2    Diversity: For the first time, people from different fields came together: Sociologists,      social workers, clinicians, family physicians and students etc. Other than clinicians, most of these folks are exposed to addiction field for the first time. Also, this event managed to bring together the private and public sectors, professionals and non professionals. It is extremely challenging to attract government officers to an event but the event attracted 25-30 of them. This was another first for the Turkish field.

3    Top speakers: 3 of the 5 most important names in the field of addiction in Turkey were speakers at this conference. 3 big names came together. They have never gathered in a conference like this before. 

4    International Collaboration:  Some of very-well respected Turkish experts presented in the event. Also there were valuable international experts (such as Dr. Flefel and the iCAAD team) which contributed to the different, international feel of the conference. Dr. Flefel brought his unique experience on working with refugees, the middle east and Red Crescent.

5    The Workshops: These had been scheduled to last one and a half hours but actually continued for three whole hours. No one predicted the success of these interactive workshops, nor the eagerness of the participants to continue their interactive learning. For the first time for many attendees they were able to build a full-continuum of service treatment plans whilst at a conference. 

6    Platform for knowledge sharing: During the presentation of the table leaders after the workshop, it was discovered that although these participants all worked in the same field, they had no information about each others area of work (their projects, their services and recovery patterns), it was wonderful to see them getting together to share their own expertise and learn from one another. Not only this, but very important recovery tools were brought to light during these discussions. For example, many were unaware of the 12 step recovery model and the importance of the whole family for the recovering addict. One of the most exciting aspects of this conference was that leaders within this field realised that they needed to integrate with 12 step programs more and that they needed to include the family in the recovery progress. 


All in all this was one of the most groundbreaking events in the history of the Turkish behavioural, emotional and mental healthcare field. A really important step and an absolute honour for us to be a part of.

CLICK HERE to see photos of the event and a video of all the presentations on the day. 






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