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iCAAD Weekly Newsletter 2/2/2018

02 Feb 2018


This week in our Featured Sponsor Section we have excerpts from a letter written by Robin Lefever about Withersdane Hall. To read Robin’s full account,
please CLICK HERE 

“The idea for Withersdane was to have a clinic that could help with all the stages of recovery and also all the levels of intensity that clients need... at Withersdane you have three stages of treatment and three levels of intensity of treatment, this gives you a lot of exibility when it comes to treatment plans. This is a real blessing, either as a therapist, or as a client since the illnesses we manage don’t follow an exactly linear path... 

At Withersdane... people can pass through the stages but if they feel that they need more support, they can move back up in the intensity of the support they are getting and then back down again. If they realise they need longer, they can see the people in the next building over who have stayed on and they can discuss the pros and cons with them directly. It’s this transparency and uidity which are some of the hallmarks of Withersdane. All of this is taking place on one big site and the people in the volunteer / sober living community often volunteer around the site doing jobs from housekeeping to gardening or maintenance... 

Withersdane was a University campus, it has 330 beds and 23 acres. We only use a fraction of this at the moment but it is nice to know we have room to grow. We take our in uence from being a University site and pretty much see our treatment as being like a university level education. At University the students are given responsibility and ideas are shared with them, they are invited to nd the best and most original ideas that work for them. We are the same in that {there is no imposed} treatment method on our clients. We are situated in such a lovely setting with the South Downs all around us, and the local village are really supportive of what we are doing. We really are blessed with where we are and yet, we are only 40 minutes by high speed train from the centre of London so travel is easy for us.” 



We have a few more details about our ground-breaking new initiative, the Courageous Conversations Event at Milton Abbey School. At a time when the country is calling for more prevention and interventions for mental health issues in general, and particularly in young people, our “Courageous Conversations” event will be bringing our conference style and expert presenters on mental and emotional health to Milton Abbey School in Dorset. We will be taking over the WHOLE of Milton Abbey School for this cutting edge one-day event which is bringing students, parents and ALL of the Milton Abbey teacher sta together. The event is also open to any other interested parents, professionals and establishments. 

Milton Abbey Head Master, Magnus Bashaarat is sensitive to these issues and is dedicating a full day out of the school calendar to talk about mental health well- being. He has worked alongside us to develop this unique event. He comments ‘Young people’s mental and emotional wellbeing is seldom out of the news. As parents and educators we are all too aware of the pressures and di culties facing teenagers who are trying to cope with the relatively new phenomenon of 24/7 social media and the reality of their day to day lives being constantly ‘shared’ and commented upon Whilst long term research has yet to be done on the impact of this, the short term impact is there for all to see.’ He adds ‘The hope is that those parents who attend ‘Courageous Conversations’ will leave feeling better informed and prepared to engage with their children on these delicate subjects and better able to prevent problems before they arise.’ 

Throughout the day there will be an Parents/Sta Programme and a Student’s Programme. Pupils, parents, teachers and sta and will hear from leading expert healthcare professionals and engage in panel discussions, presentations and workshops across a wide range of pertinent topics including: Self-Harm & Eating Disorders; Sex, Love & Relationships; Social media; and Mental health, Depression & Anxiety. 

CLICK HERE to find out more and register for our Courageous Conversations event at Milton Abbey 



This week we were so proud to be part of the “Where is the line?” Music Support event and the “Let’s Push Things Forward” IRI Workshop. Both the evening conference and the day’s training were a huge success. A massive thank you to everyone that came.The feedback from the events was outstanding and did more to prove the need for services o ered by Music Support and us here at iCAAD. The expertise and understanding shown by Nannette Zumwalt and Harold Owens was mind-blowing and humbling. Before the events, our director Matt Thomas wrote a Music Business Worldwide Blog which just highlights everything we did and why. 

CLICK HERE to read Matt’s account in full. 



1ST - ICAAD STOCKHOLM 2018 happened yesterday and was the most incredible event with professionals and delegates travelling from all over the globe to hear passionate and inspirational people discuss what matters. The event was sold out and there was standing room only when. CLICK HERE for more photos. 


MARCH 2018 

13th – REGISTER NOW! iCAAD Paris returns to A NEW LOCATION and promises to be the best yet. Check out the incredible range of speakers and topics and book now for this innovative one day conference at Espace CEDIAS, Musée Social, 5 rue Las Cases, 75007 Paris. 

CLICK HERE for more info


APRIL 2018 

13th – SAVE THE DATE! iCAAD Rome returns to the Italian capital for a one day conference at the Roma Eventi Piazza della Pilotta. Registration opening soon. 

CLICK HERE for more info


16th – SAVE THE DATE! iCAAD Istanbul. Registration will be opening soon for this incredibly innovative and exciting event. 

CLICK HERE for more info


MAY 2018 

7th to 9th - REGISTER NOW for our flagship event, iCAAD London. 

CLICK HERE for more info

More news of other exciting events coming soon. We hope to see as many of you as possible at our events this year and enjoy 2018 as much as we plan to. 

All the best, The iCAAD team. 


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