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05 Jun 2018

We are thrilled to see that two of our speakers have been featured in the Icelandic news over the past couple of days. 

You can read the article on Miles Adcox here and the article on Eygló Bjarna­dótt­ir here.

Both the articles are in Icelandic but you can read the translation of the Eygló Bjarna­dótt­ir below:


Has worked at Hazelden Betty Ford for 16 years

UNDER PHOTO: Eygló Bjarnadóttir is one of the most predominant drug addiction specialists in the country. She has worked at Hazelden Betty Ford for 16 years.
Eygló Bjarnadóttir has worked as a consultant at Hazelden Betty Ford for 16 years. At the ICAAD (international conference addiction associated disorders) conference she talks about the importance of nurturing ourselves to find balance in life and live a healthier life. Eygló is a popular lecturer but she is also chairwoman at the conference.

Eygló is a theologian and an ordained minister in ELCA / Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Specialists in various fields work at the Hazelden Betty Ford treatment center. Alcohol and drug consultants, psychologists, doctors, nurses, psychiatrists and then Eygló who helps people connect to a higher power which is an important factor in the rehabilitation process at Hazelden Betty Ford.

“It often creates a turning point towards recovery when people start believing that there is a power in the world that is higher than themselves,” says Eygló and explains further what her job entails.

“A spiritual counsellor provides spiritual counselling, leads group work, conducts interviews, conducts workshops and gives lectures to mention a few. A big part of my job involves listening intently to each individual´s story and work individually with each and every one. People come to Hazelden Betty Ford from all over the US and from all over the world, from varied cultural and religious backgrounds.

To tackle this difficult disease that addiction is and get to grips with life it´s useful to work with individuals to resurrect daily life built on spiritual values such as: honesty, hope, faith/trust and last but not least love. They need to learn to ask for help and take back responsibility for their own lives. This spiritual work is based among other things on the 12 steps of the AA organization and goes hand in hand with individual interviews as well as lectures. Those who are looking for a solution to their addiction problems also work in groups with other addicts.” She says.
Eygló says a big factor in addiction rehabilitation is learning about the disease and the possibilities of recovery.

“The addicts get information about how the disease affects every aspect of life, including the spiritual and how physical, mental, social and spiritual factors work together towards recovery.”

UNDER PHOTO: It´s important to promote personal maturity steadily throughout your life. 
When Eygló is asked about the conference that will be held at Gamla Bíó on the 9th of June she says it´s for those who are interested and want to know more about addiction diseases.

“The conference is open to all that are concerned with addiction diseases. It´s intended for specialists in all fields within the health sector. Doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, alcohol and addiction counsellors and nurses to name a few. The general public looking to live life in recovery is also whole-heartedly welcome,” She says.

There will be specialists that are unique in their field at the conference. “Judy Crane, author of “The Trauma Heart,” will discuss trauma in people´s lives and how people with addictions, more often than not, have traumas that they need to work through. Then she will discuss the importance of working though traumas in recovery. Solla Eiríks will discuss the role of diet in recovery and then Dr. Gísli Kort Kristófersson will talk about the connection between mental health and recovery. Miles Adcox, who is respected in the US for his excellent leadership training, will discuss personal maturity that everyone can dedicate themselves to, to become stronger in life and work.

UNDER PHOTO: Addiction diseases can affect anyone. There is a road to recovery and it´s built on a spiritual life.

Teamwork and conversation

Eygló says Hazelden Betty Ford is leading in the advancement of addiction rehabilitation in the world. “We use scientific, evidence-based methods of working along with laying the foundation of the 12 steps of the AA organization.”
Eygló says that the accessibility to addiction rehabilitation as well as systematic follow-up decides the fate of those who suffer from addiction diseases. “It´s also important to support the families. This is a project that demands teamwork and conversation from us all. Recovery for the long haul is possible and I hope that the conversation that we will have at the ICAAD conference will strengthen us in that truth.”

Further information about the event can be found on the ICAAD website and on Facebook.

UNDER PHOTO: When one member of the family gets an addiction disease, it´s important to support their families too.

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