Kay Forsythe & Elisabeth Hampson, senior executives at Deloitte, will be presenting "Thriving at work, the case for investment and Deloitte’s approach to wellbeing" at iCAAD London between May 6-8th 2019

Deloitte will be joining us at iCAAD London as one of our CSR Partners. As well as becoming one of iCAAD’s newest supporters, Kay Forsythe - Partner and Liz Hampson, Director, both senior executives at Deloitte, will demonstrate how they are leading the way for others in their approach to wellbeing in the workplace: “Our approach is as much holistic and preventive as reparative: we help our staff to thrive through shared moments in conversational workshops, breath work and body-mind activities, together with our mental health helpline, mentoring, mental health training and of course external psychiatric and psychotherapeutic support. Our colleagues come to us with many life demands - not only workplace demands. Anything from anxiety, depression, to children and family issues, sexuality, gender and minority. We try to support them in all areas.” - Kay Forsythe.

iCAAD is honoured by Deloitte’s Corporate Social Responsibility engagement and its alignment to iCAAD’s own mission. In its Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability statement, Deloitte explains that it is “committed to driving societal change and promoting environmental sustainability. Working in innovative ways with government, non-profit organisations, and civil society, we are designing and delivering solutions that contribute to a sustainable and prosperous future for all.”

Deloitte understand that “Organisations today are judged for more than their success as a business. They are now being held responsible for their impact on society at large.” (Deloitte Insights 2018), iCAAD London is campaigning to raise awareness of just how far reaching this impact may be with presentations such as Robert Amsterdam and Heather Hayes look at “How The World is Reacting from a State of Fear”

We have been inspired by Deloitte’s determination to offer its 17,000 strong UK staff and its European teams the possibility to attend iCAAD London 2019, and hope that many more companies will join them in this journey on May 6-8th to further their own knowledge and understanding around every aspect of Behavioural, Mental and Emotional Health.

Deloitte’s journey of commitment to its staff wellbeing started nearly 20 years ago, pioneering it far before its rise in public consciousness. Today Deloitte truly is a leading light in its outlook and understanding of mental health in the workplace. As Deloitte outlines in its Well-being statement: “Well-being needs are different for everyone. Deloitte is committed to supporting the diverse well-being needs of its people in body, mind, and purpose.”