Between 14:50-15:30 on Monday 5th November, our Academic Director Christophe Sauerwein will be hosting an interview with Dr Neil Brener who is is a Consultant Psychiatrist. Dr Brener has a private practice in Harley Street, the City and at Roodlane Medical Group in Canary Wharf. He is an expert in preparing psychiatric reports for leading firms of solicitors across the UK. Dr Brener has dedicated his career to the understanding and treatment of mental health issues and specialises in how addictions and co-existing disorders need to be treated concurrently. He appears on television news programmemes, documentaries and audience discussion shows as well as regularly contributing articles to the national press. He presents regularly both in the UK and internationally on the treatment of addictions, anxiety and depression.

Together Christophe and Dr Brener will be discussing ADDICTION IN THE WORKPLACE - "OUT OF THE SHADOWS”. The first question in this discussion will be what is the City and why is it so important? The City is much more than just Bankers. It is a complete ecosystem from the mail room to the CEO and all in between. It is a community as much as a workplace, with rules and special cultural traits. There are of course many support systems that make it work. But, this session will look specifically at three fundamental questions that are pertinent to working in the city:

  • Is there a specific addiction problem in the City?
  • Is addiction any different in City Workers?
  • In a post Brexit City what will happen to the treatment of addiction and other mental health problems? Having collectively worked in the City for over twenty years the panel will attempt to answer these questions. The session will look at treatment and the changing attitudes to addiction and mental health in the City.