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Beck Gee-Cohen talks stigma and One Love with DDN

03 Oct 2017

It’s not long now until Beck Gee-Cohen will be joining Adela Campbell in one of the most sought-after events of it’s kind: iCAAD’s Healing Trauma in the LGBTQ+ community event, sponsored by resort 12, takes place in London on the 25th November. 

In the run up to the event, the inspirational Beck found the time to do an interview with DDN Magazine. As always, Beck comes across as incredibly grounded, mindful and aware not only about his own experiences, but also about the changing landscape that surrounds drink and drug use and the issues within the LGBTQ+ communities. 

Beck says that “the best way to tackle the stigma of gender stereotyping is with an open heart.” Not only does it seem that that’s how he tackles that particular stigma, but also that that’s how he is in general. His whole presence and manner throughout the interview is open and loving. He comes from a place of personal experience and there is no better standpoint than that. 

Here at iCAAD we have been excited for months about Beck’s first ever public event in London, and this article has only increased that excitement. He is a fascinating human being, with so much wisdom and knowledge to impart. Any professional, student or person who can identify with, or is interested in, the issues faced within the LGBTQ+ community needs to make sure they attend the event at the Royal Garden Hotel in London on the 25th November. It is going to be an unmissable day where perhaps ideas and age old theories may be challenged but they will be challenged in One Love. 

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CLICK HERE to view Beck's article in DDN Magazine 

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