Unplug to Reconnect: Healthy device management and the practice of good digital citizenship

Dr Don Grant | 05 Jul 2018
Millennial technology pro- ers previously unimaginable opportunities which have forever changed much of our daily lives. Conversely, technology and devices have also become the newest-and most potentially dangerous '€œdrugs of choice'€. Those struggling with anxiety, depression and other mental, emotional or behavioural issues seem to be at an even greater risk for technology '€œaddiction'€. Recent research has indicated that it can lower relationship and life satisfaction in couples. Similarly, adolescents who struggled with device management had lower levels of self esteem and were more likely to manifest social anxiety disorders. Dr. Grant will explore this newest nemesis currently growing to seemingly pandemic global proportions, illustrating both the positive and potentially negative effects of technology, and o er strategies and skills to help promote healthy device management and practice good “Digital Citizenship. 
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