The Theory of Change: An Intergrated Approach

Carwyn Gravell | 05 Sep 2018
This interactive session will present Forward's new Theory of Change and how an integrated approach that supports health and well-being, substance misuse, relationships, employment and housing together contribute to long-term recovery and rehabilitation. The session will include examples of different service interventions, case studies, discussion of key '˜drivers of change' (instilling belief and hope, peer role models, setting out clear and practical steps for lasting change, and establishing networks of support) and approaches to capturing evidence of impact. There will also be an opportunity to interact with subject experts from Forward's operations team, providing real insight on what works in engaging and developing people's potential to move forward in their lives. The Forward Trust (formerly the Rehabilitation for Addicted Prisoners Trust) supports over 16,000 people every year to break the cycle of crime and addiction, working in both prisons and in the community.
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