Hiding in Plain Sight: Working with Victims of Human Trafficking

Heather Hayes and Holly Ryan | 05 Aug 2018
The International Labour Organization estimates that there are 20.9 million victims of human trafficking globally. Every country in the world is impacted by human trafficking and communities across the globe are changed forever as humans are sold into slavery, sexually exploited, and die in captivity. This 21st century slave trade feeds a global demand for cheap and vulnerable labour. In fact, the United Nations estimates that this multi-billion dollar industry is the third largest source of revenue for organized crime. Victims of trafficking often endure brutal conditions that results in physical, emotional, and psychological trauma. Victims are isolated from friends and family, subdued with drugs, and forced to live and work in unsanitary conditions. This presentation will provide clinicians with the knowledge on trafficking and give specific tools that can be used to identify, intervene upon, and treat victims and survivors.
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