Dr Judith Landau: Helping Families & Communities Access Resilience to Prevent Mental Illness & Addiction Following Mass Disaster

We may not be able to stop natural or human made mass disasters, losses from major epidemics, or acts of random violence from happening in our world - from the international opiate epidemic, to the mass shooting in Las Vegas, to the Grenfell Tower disater in London, but we can take steps to prevent the mental and physical damage this trauma can do to individuals, families and communities. By working through natural change agents as Family and Community Links, we empower those communities and families to build resilience and lead healthier lives in the present and for future generations. This presentation will review several studies and clinical vignettes that illustrate the benefit of mobilising individuals, families, and communities to build positive attachment and to draw on their inter-generational strengths and resilience. Practical methods of assessment, mapping, and intervention that consider all levels of individual, family and community involvement and collaboration will be presented.
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