Dr Cosmo Duff Gordon: From the Drunkard to the Alcoholic, via the Monomaniac, Inebriate and Degenerate

| 07 May 2018
In this fascinating presentation, Dr Cosmo Du Gordon will deliver a history of the main Western discourses of drunkenness, monomania, inebriety, degeneracy and alcoholism, as they evolved from c. 1300 – 1935. This will be presented as a Foucauldian discourse analytic reading of how they have informed and shaped AA discourse. Particular regard will be given to the documented tension between expert (medical/psychological) and non-expert (mutual help) models of addiction and recovery. Delegates attending this session will: 1) better understand the historical background to models of addiction. 2) develop a better insight into the 12-Step treatment model. 3) have a new understanding of tensions between expert and non-expert models of addiction and recovery.
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