The Guest House Ocala

The Guest House Ocala

Coming to terms with trauma, an addiction or a mental health disorder is not an easy task. It takes intense self-reflection, emotional strength and healthy coping mechanisms to find a new sense of normalcy and stability. When you are ready to begin this journey of recovery, The Guest House is here to provide the guidance, support and security that you need to take back control of your life.

The Guest House provides premier treatment for men and women whose mental and physical health is suffering due to traumatic events and their deep-seated effects on the brain and body. Our secluded estate is located in Silver Springs, Florida, just outside the peaceful city of Ocala. Our programs are open to all adults over the age of 18, though we cater in particular to clients who have high-stress or high-visibility lifestyles such as business executives, politicians and entertainment professionals, as well as all those whose lives have lacked guidance or support. We are dedicated to maintaining our clients’ privacy and confidentiality, providing cutting-edge treatments and therapies alongside top-tier amenities and services.


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