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Gladstones proudly operates three addiction rehabilitation and recovery clinics; one in central Bristol; one in Cambridge, Gloucestershire; and one in Notting Hill, London. All of our clinics follow exactly the same treatment model and non 12-step philosophy.

Integrative Treatment For Addictions & Disorders

Gladstones’ residential rehab programmes are designed to place equal emphasis on physical health, mental well-being and emotional connection. Treatment is not predicated on the 12 Step method. The Gladstones integrative rehabilitation model emphasizes the critically important role of both cognitive and behavioral factors in addiction. This includes the creation of, and then maintenance of, the root cause of the addiction, fixation or disorder.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is widely used to treat a range of addiction related disorders. Typical disorders include to food, alcohol, drugs and other compulsive behaviours. We find that CBT teaches clients to finally understand the negative mental and emotional patterns and complexes that are at the heart of their addictions.

It is our belief that addiction is merely a symptom of a deeper unresolved and underlying issue. Getting to the original root of the problem and healing the wound, offers the best chance of permanent recovery from the cycle of addiction.

A Range Of Rehabilitation Services

Gladstones takes pride in being flexible in our approach to treating drug, alcohol and behavioural addictions. We  also deliver a full range of Addiction Rehabilitation Services. We offer medically supervised drug and alcohol detoxification, and a complete package of comprehensive medical treatments. Services include inpatient rehabilitation, outpatient/day treatment services, one-to-one counseling, complementary therapies, and continuing care services.

From initial substance detox all the way through transitional programmes and aftercare, our clients are provided for and encouraged by fully qualified, supportive and deeply caring staff. Their days are filled with intensive therapies and psychoanalysis as they are challenged to heal themselves. Our highly successful rehabilitation programs and aftercare services instill the tools and the support necessary to achieve lasting recovery from addiction.

By providing the best possible recovery environment with diverse approaches to healing, Gladstones has created cutting-edge addiction healing & recovery centers. Our services are specifically designed to empower each client to take control of his or her own addiction, compulsion or disorder. Armed with newly minted confidence and skill sets, they can create the lives they want and deserve. Clients are able to leave Gladstones prepared for positive and fulfilling relationships, a rewarding job or career and a sense of contentment and happiness in Recovery.

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