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Brompton Well-Being are compassionate and solutions-oriented addiction professionals with a demonstrated track record of success, working with diverse populations. We provide professional support to help our clients walk away from active addiction and depression; enabling them to take back control of their lives. We arrange various programs for our clients providing a secure platform to achieve a more balanced and fulfilling life free of addiction.

Brompton Well-Being supports and supervises offenders, providing them with a range of proven, tailored interventions that give them the opportunity to improve their lives and be successfully reintegrated back into society. 

Brompton Well-Being believes that with the right support, supervision and encouragement, everybody has the potential to change. In short, Brompton Well-Being  promotes a Caring Culture for Change.

Brompton Well-Being work to reduce the risk of addiction relapse and re-offending and protect vulnerable individuals and families, giving them the guidance and direction to create a better future. 

Brompton Well-Being understands that when people appoint a Paralegal or seek Advocacy support, they are often experiencing very stressful situations. At Brompton Well-Being we care about your situation and have the experience to help. We provide sound knowledge and understanding of the English legal system, legal areas and procedural law. We work with you to achieve a better outcome than you could get on your own.

Brompton Well-Being understands that families need help sometimes, and families getting that help when they need it, are then able to stay strong and healthy.  It is a sign of strength to ask for help when you need it.  Whether the need is caused by a sudden crisis like a death in the family or loss of employment or an ongoing issue such as an addiction, substance abuse or depression. Sometimes the first step in getting help is realising there is a problem or seeing that the families and children’s Well-Being depends on it.  Often it takes a caring member of the family, a friend or person in the community, to help connect the family to what they need. Whether it is advocacy, recovery from active addition, being accompanied,  balanced diet, dealing with trauma or mental health issues.  We can work with families and effect real positive change.

Brompton Well-Being knows that children have to be protected and need to learn how to manage their emotions, express their needs and feelings, deal with any conflict, and get along with others. When children can do these things, family life and parental life becomes less stressful. We nurture children to develop social and emotional skills and support their parents to understand their children’s feelings and behaviour. We work with the family to help children to understand what is normal and what is not for children in a given age group, and detect signs if a child has special needs or developmental disabilities or has suffered trauma.  We can work with parents to intervene effectively and get specialised help if required.

Brompton Well-Being’s Director of Advocacy & Legal Services is qualified in MSc Crime Violence & Prevention, B.A. Criminology and Criminal Justice, NSPCC Child Protection Adv. 2016 with 14 years experience.

Brompton Well-Being’s Director of Substance Misuse & Addiction Services is qualified in MSc Addiction Psychology and Counselling, FDAP member, with 30 years experience.

For enquiries regarding Addiction Treatment & Recovery as well as Advocacy and Paralegal Services, give us a call on 0203 951 0646 or if you prefer to write to us please click here



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