White River Manor

White River Manor

ADDICTION RECOVERY - Five Star Service With A World-Class Experience


Through mixed therapeutic methods, a strategic approach, and decades of experienced staff the client will have the setting, resources, and tools necessary for a successful recovery. When the client leaves White River Manor they will be restored and refreshed for their life’s new beginning.


White River Manor draws clients from around the globe due to it’s 5-star world-class accommodations. Luxury is an essential component to the daily restoration experience. White River Manor is committed to providing the best for the client. As White River Manor provides the best for the client it is believed that the client will put their best into their recovery.


White River Manor understands the meaning of privacy. All client experiences at the rehabilitation centre are kept confidential. In the program the client is welcome to participate and disclose as much or as little as they feel comfortable with. White River Manor believes that privacy contributes to creating a safe environment for the client.


Picturesque five star lodge, nestled alongside the White River and set in a 100-year-old garden.


Decades of professional experience in addiction recovery and wellness restoration.


Ideal for the executive and working professional. Providing privacy, luxury suites, business centre, Wi-Fi, DSTV, gourmet chef, café, pool, estate gardens and more.


Discovering inner peace and experience abundant life.


A holistic therapeutic approach to mental and physical health.


A five star experience with spas, golfing, shopping, fishing, safari, adventure sports, gym and more.


Professional psychologists, psychiatrists, nurses, and counselors.

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