The Bridge Retreat

The Bridge Retreat

What is The Bridge Retreat?

The Bridge Retreat offers an exceptional healing experience using a powerful combination of education, group sharing, individual therapeutic processing, reflective sessions, bodywork, visualisation, meditation and ritual. Food, music, silence and nature also form a significant part of the retreat experience and combine to deepen the inner and outer healing. Beautiful ceremonies weave throughout the week with Harvard backed research on their efficacy for therapeutic purposes.

Led by the highly trained and experienced Facilitators, sessions address holistic ailments that form part of the human condition and work on a physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual level. The combination of the cognitive and cathartic experiences provide context and enhanced understanding for the mind to then allow the body to process its emotional blocks safely. As well as working in groups and reconnecting to the power of community, there is also plenty of time allowed for solitude to reflect, rest and integrate the experiences. Once an individual’s losses and emotional blocks are processed, The Bridge expands the work to consider the bigger picture of global healing with a focus on service and living from a place of authenticity and love.

Our Vision

To support people towards achieving their optimum in spiritual, emotional, physical, and intellectual health in order that they can live their life to its full potential and share their gifts with the world.

Who is The Bridge Retreat Suitable For?

People who recognise they have unprocessed emotions holding them back in life.

People who have experienced loss of any kind including divorce and separation, bereavements, addiction recovery, loss of innocence, betrayals of trust, identity, health, empty nest syndrome and missed opportunities.

Anyone who feels they are not living their life’s true purpose.

Those who feel blocked or hijacked by their life experiences and conditioning.

Those for whom life feels out of balance and yearn for something more.

Those who are ready and willing to work deeply for their own healing.

People who believe there is a bigger picture to life and existence.

People who have already done some therapeutic work and have a sense of a spiritual connection.

People who wish to end the searching and recognise that peace comes from within.

Whether you are in long term recovery, experiencing stress, burn out, depression, anxiety, grief, overwork, joylessness, low energy, lack of direction or blocks to your creativity, The Bridge Retreat has something to offer you.

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