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Pipe Down Magazine


The Pipe Down Foundation is an addiction focussed organisation formed by a forward thinking group of recovering addicts whose dream is to help as many suffering addicts into recovery as possible, and support them through the rest of their lives.

The idea behind Pipe Down is to bring recovery into the world and the world into recovery. That means that it has content that is relevant to anyone whose lives have been touched by addiction; be it the addict themselves, their families, or even drugs workers and teachers. Because addiction brings about a state despair and helplessness, Pipe Down endeavours to bring light into the world of addiction to help lift addicts out of the darkness. 

Understanding that in order to really engage with people that far into the madness, Pipe Down needed to do something different. Controversy and humour was the key. Humour can really help push boundaries. Talking about issues that are sensitive in a way that the vulnerable and marginalised people in society can to relate to, will potentially enable those people to identify with and connect to the important messages beneath the humour.

The objectives of the Organisation are: 

  • To provide those living with addiction ways or tools to overcome their issues by offering creative writing therapy in drug and alcohol treatment centres, drug services centres and prisons 
  • To provide a publication where creative writing and journalism written by those having lived with addiction can be published for the promotion of recovery. 
  • To provide people in recovery the chance to be employed as creative writing facilitators, creating a self- perpetuating circle of recovery, employment and helping others into recovery. 
  • To promote life skills such as communication, literacy skills and confidence building to help people suffering from addiction disorders stand a better chance of recovery, employment and integration back into society. 
  • To provide financial support for the payment of treatment costs to those unable to afford treatment or who are unable to secure appropriate treatment from the NHS. 
  • To provide financial support for the direct needs of those in rehabilitation from drug use and to improve their social conditions to aid recovery 


How you can help? How we can help you.

  • Funding, each run of 1000 issues costs £2000. 
  • Advertising and sponsorship can help promote your services and also fulfil corporate social responsibility.
  • If you are a treatment centre please aid your clients by signing up to our creative writing workshops. Creative writing is a proven tool to improve mental health.
  • The workshops are facilitated by recovering addicts proving that long term sobriety is achievable.
  • Your clients can then be trained to become facilitators and can carry the tools and hope to still more of those suffering; ensuring the snowball effect of recovery can continue, helping prevent relapse and reoffending.

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