Oasis Addictions Treatment Centre

Oasis Addictions Treatment Centre

At Oasis Addictions Treatment Centre we utilise an in-patient treatment programme to counsel and treat Drug Addiction, Alcohol Addiction, Eating Disorder, Gambling AddictionPrescription Drug AddictionRelationship Difficulties and Self-Harm – South Africa’s leading Professional Addictions Treatment Centre and Drug Rehab facility.

The Aim at Oasis Addictions Treatment Centre

The foundation of our philosophy is that addiction is a treatable condition. Research shows that the Twelve Step self-help groups – AA, NA and others – work, but they work better when they are combined with professional counselling and the Minnesota model of addiction treatment. Our aim at the Addictions Treatment Centre is to provide an addiction recovery programme to promote individual growth in an environment of respect, love, understanding and holistic care.  Addiction therapy incorporates a spiritual element – simply interpreted as the need for help from outside of ourselves. Residents at the Treatment Centre are encouraged to assume responsibility, develop improved social functioning and examine family and relationship problems.  The Addictions Treatment Centre provides continuous care with a South African aftercare programme.

Addictions Treatment Centre

At Oasis Centre we believe in the mantra that no addiction or person is untreatable.  Our addiction treatment centre is a Drug Rehabilitaion boutique.  We have a ratio of four clients per counselling professional – highly qualified and caring staff with over forty years of experience in the field. The addiction treatment is focussed on the feelings and issues that cause a desire to escape from reality and therefore the need to attend a drug rehab for addiction treatment. The drug may be alcohol, food, pills, a game or a person.  Addiction has become the symptom that needs attention. It is the person that needs to be heard, understood and loved into recovery. Call our Addictions Treatment Centre for an appointment today.

After Care – What is available to our clients when leaving the Treatment Centre

We have a number of programmes designed to facilitate the transition from being in Oasis Addictions Treatment Centre to fitting back into society.

We also offer weekly aftercare groups for our clients in Plettenberg Bay.  A number of our clients remain in Plettenberg Bay for several months after completing treatment as they find the support they receive from their peers and from the counsellors to be a very real help.

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