GaIA Healthcare

GaIA Healthcare


An international initiative from Academics and Clinicians,for people, their families and communities, who face addiction and mental health challenges.

Principles and Drivers

Mental health and addiction related problems are complex but treatable.

No single treatment is appropriate for everyone.

Treatment should be readily available.

Effective treatment attends to multiple needs of the individual.

Treatment takes into account the person and the family needs and wishes.

Medications and psychological interventions should be combined.

Treatment plan must be monitored and modified as necessary.

Longer term recovery support is crucial, as lapses do occur.

Risk-reduction interventions are necessary.

Family members have a right to participate in and receive services.


Establish evidence-based high quality interventions that are person-centred, inclusive of family, significant others and the community. 

Keep people safe and free from harm.

Promote innovation and evaluation of services and initiatives. 

Expand research and science. Provide state of the art and tailor-made training to the needs of professionals, providers and commissioners.

Our Expertise

Systems based
Senior management and leadership positions within health and social care environments.
Directors to clinical and academic centres of excellence in addiction and psychiatry
in Europe.

Research based
More than 300 publications in total.
Recipients of academic grants from European Union, National Institute of Health Research (NIHR), Wellcome Foundation, Medical Research Council (MRC) and many others.

Medically Assisted Withdrawal. Relapse prevention.
Aftercare support.
Community Reinforcement
and Family Training.

Education based
PhD supervisors.
Undergraduate and postgraduate course leaders.
Psychiatric and Addiction Accredited Trainers.
Educational Supervisors
and Mentors.


Pharmacological and Non pharmacological addictions.
Excessive appetites.
Co-morbid substance misuse, physical and psychological conditions.
Neuropsychological impairments.
Family and other social support.

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