Free Me

Free Me

Free Me is a London based charity that provides free care and support to women recovering from eating disorders and addictions. Free Me owns our jewellery brand and social enterprise Sweet Cavanagh.Based in Notting Hill, our happy little charity is open two days each week.

We bring new members on board all the time and are a busy workshop.In addition to providing support and motivation, we also give our members a platform to become self-employed as jewellery designers and creators, which empowers them in ways they could not have imagined when in the depth of their illness.

The cost of inpatient care is staggering and the strain on the NHS means that many people do not get the help they desperately need. Many people leave treatment early, not because they are ready but because they run out of funding; Free Me combats this issue by filling the gap in the services currently provided by the private and public sector. As part of our four month program, women have access to individual and group therapy, drama and movement therapy, and individual and group nutritional counseling with a registered dietician. We also run a “Work to Recover”, in which we partner with London based recruitment agency Sidekicks to offer monthly workshops on CV writing and interview coaching.

Graduates from the Free Me recovery program also have the opportunity to be placed in internships and eventually full or part-time work placements. Like all of our craftswomen, our jewellery is bold, beautiful and unique. Each piece is designed and handmade in London using a mixture of semi precious stones, metals and glass. We are passionate about quality and all of our jewellery is made to the highest standard.All profits from jewellery sales go back into our charity, Free Me (registered charity number 1152120), which supports our craftswomen and allows us to invest in materials, design, education and treatment. 

We are incredibly proud to say that since we began we have won several grants, which allow us to continue the incredible work that we do. We are recipients of funding from the Unltd Start Up Program, the Lloyds Banking Group Social Entrepreneurs Program, The Comic Relief Give It Up Grant, the Santander Community Plus Grant, and the Roses Charity Grant. We have benefitted so much from these amazing associations, and are ever grateful to all of them for their support and guidance. 

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