Cascais Healthy Living

Cascais Healthy Living

*PaciaLife Portugal* is now a partner of *Cascais Healthy Living*, the premier European provider of healthy life style options. We deliver mature, independent and successful paths for young adults. Perfect for Gap Year students! 

Owners Dr Mark Burdick and Jorge Vencelau have joined forces with Randy and Lara Oakley of PaciaLife USA in providing a truly unique gap year option for young adults: A protected, comfortable home environment for students in their quest to reach optimal personal health and education goals whilst pursuing a truly unique international experience — one in the amazing sunny, and active European community of Cascais, Portugal.

“Our mission is simple: create a *Culture of Welcome* where young adults can thrive and discover a life purpose through healthy activity.” PaciaLife Portugal provides assessment to help students design “healthy living” programs around recreation, education, vocation, all in active Cascais surrounded by beach & surf with cascades of mountains, yet with easy access to Lisbon and Azure islands. 

Organized outings to the Azure’s are part of a menu of amazing and life changing activities for youth and family members who accompany them to share their dreams and aspirations through what we call *Legacy Treks*. 

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