Paracelsus Recovery

“The world’s most exclusive addiction treatment provider & family business”

Paracelsus Recovery was founded in its current form in 2012 as a family business. However, our team have a long history of experience in providing private addiction treatment to international clients. Over the years we have refined our treatment approach and programme and have brought addiction treatment to a whole new level. Today, Paracelsus Recovery is the world’s most exclusive addiction treatment institution but at the same time providing the individual care and empathy of a passionate family business.

“We only treat one client at a time, very privately.”

Our international team of highly qualified therapists, doctors, nurses, counselors and other professionals focus on the recovery of only one client at a time, while most other addiction treatment programmes in the world include a lot of group therapy and idle time during in-patient treatment. Our team works with our clients eight to twelve hours a day, not weekly or monthly as is the case with most other addiction therapy providers.

“Bio-chemical restoration is key”

Where we stand out the most is that we have recognised the importance of a balanced bio-chemistry of the brain and body for recovery from addiction, and that we don’t only address and treat the addiction itself, but we identify and treat the underlying reasons for addiction. We treat the entire person; body, mind and soul.

“Discreet and exclusive addiction treatment paired with a five-star service level”

While we provide the most advanced and exclusive addiction treatment programme available today, we provide an unparalleled high-end all-round service during the treatment programme, far beyond what other “luxury rehabs” can offer. Limousine transportation, chef, butler, maids and secretarial services as well as a 24h concierge service are all dedicated to make the stay with us as comfortable as possible. Private accommodation and very private treatment ensure full discretion and confidentiality at all times.

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