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C4 Recovery Foundation

C4 – a 501(c)(3) non-profit Public Charity is dedicated to the premise that society’s path to achieving improved access, quality, and integrity of substance use treatment and recovery solutions is through education, shared knowledge, and rigorous research.

For almost three decades, C4's core mission has been focused on being the “go-to” resource for stakeholders who require relevant knowledge, education, advice, and training. C4 is working to enhance and expand the benefits of access to its services by the broad community of stakeholders.

Mission Statement

C4’s mission is to deliver the best knowledge and educational resources to treatment providers, policy-makers, healthcare systems, and other stakeholders so they can improve and align policy and practice to best serve the needs of patients, families, and communities, as they confront the manifold challenges of substance use and addiction. C4’s philanthropic initiatives are built upon this core theme. C4 seeks to continuously provide financial, clinical and social resources to stakeholders broadening the continuum of services that are needed to respond to an increasingly complex societal problem.

Core Principals

    • C4 is dedicated to the premise that we all benefit when the burdens created by substance use and addiction are effectively addressed. Furthermore:
    • We believe that all stakeholders must collaborate, use current knowledge, and dedicate themselves to the needs of patients, families, and communities, and that this can only occur when accurate, complete, and rigorous knowledge is easily accessed and effectively conveyed.
    • We believe that substance use and addiction represent a fundamental challenge and threat to the integrity and security of society and the ability of individuals and their families to lead productive and rewarding lives. Further, that the scale and scope of the issue is becoming so pervasive and global that it constitutes a national security risk and potentially a generational crisis.
    • Therefore, we believe that all communities must have an ability to respond to the needs of their citizens impacted by substance use and addiction issues.

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