International Recovery Institute brought its industry leading Recovery Specialist Training to London for the first time. To become an IRI Certified Recovery Specialist. 


2-24 Kensington High St
W8 4PT


10-12 May 2018 + Music Industry Module 13th May

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  PLUS: Entertainment Industry Advanced Training With MusiCares®/Music Support: 4th day module May 13th 2018. Click here for more information

Entertainment Industry Advanced Training With MusiCares®/Music Support: 4th day module May 13th 2018.

Co-written with Harold Owens of MusiCares®  A Charity Of The Recording Academy™ and Nanette Zumwalt of Hired Power, the USA’s longest established professional transition service.

OUTCOME: On successful completion of the 3 day advanced training, the 4th Day Music Industry training, and the necessary telephone supervision requirements, you will be a certified IRI Recovery Specialist. 

Subject to adequately demonstrating that you operate within an environment of accountability and regular accredited supervision, and that you maintain recognised CPD / CPE’s annually (and submit them appropriately) you will be recognised as having reached the level of competence and ethical grounding necessary to become a service provider signposted by Music Support and MusiCares®. 

The training will also be eligible for CPD/CPE Credits to be used towards annual credentialing and certifications.

It is important to note that successful completion of this training is not a guarantee of employment. 

We believe that being a Certified IRI Specialist, in the context of the Music Industry, is not a single means to an end. It is rather part of a portfolio of qualifications with which an individual may operate professionally, ethically, effectively and safely - or part of a skillset that a company (management/ label / publisher etc…)  may wish one or more of their employees to have. 

The job of “Recovery Specialists” is a rapidly growing industry where no formal qualifications are required which means it is a popular area to operate in. 

This is why we believe our training is crucial. Our experience in the general field, and within the Music Industry, is unmatched.

This module is a ground-breaking in-depth training into how to be a recovery specialist within this unique environment.

We will be examining the specific and unavoidable challenges to recovery, maintenance and continuum of care presented by the music industry,  and how to help clients deal with them as an independent Recovery Specialist or as an individual within a company who is responsible for or involved with the well-being of employees / artists. 

Expanding on the topics covered in the main module within the specific context of the music industry we will be exploring that nature of transitional care for vulnerable people within our community and building a support network and structured recovery programme.

Who is this for?

Anyone from the music industry who wants provide meaningful support for their artists while also looking after themselves.

Anyone from the music industry with an interest in working in the specialist support services.

Anyone currently working in the Recovery Specialist field who wish to add to their portfolio of services. 

Companies looking to appoint a lead in this area.

Anyone intreated in finding out more.

For those without direct care experience additional consultation and/or training maybe necessary for certification. 

Our suggested criteria for applicants with no previous experience: 

Over 3 years continuous recovery / abstinence from alcohol / drugs.

Currently active in the counselling/therapeutic/clinical field    
or Proven desire to work in this field eg) previous work / voluntary work 
or student in appropriate subject.    

Music Industry experience preferred but not compulsary.

Please contact us: 

If you would like to discuss your career objectives before committing to the training.

Or for anything else: Please can Nicola on 44 (0)20 3948 6777 or email  info@musicsupport.org




What is the International Recovery Institute? 

IRI  - The International Recovery Institute, is a joint venture between leaders in their fields The ARISE® Network and Hired Power, providing integrated excellent with their industry leading Recovery Specialist  Training based on 40 years of research and practice.

The ARISE® Network provides evidence-based, best practice method ARISE® Continuing Care with Intervention services and training. ARISE® gets over 83% of individuals into treatment within three weeks, 96% into treatment within six months and 61% sober after 1 year, with an additional 10% improved.

HIRED POWER is the longest established professional transition service and continues to lead with a commitment to the highest standards of professionalism, safety and responsibility. A DYNAMIC group of recovery professionals provide an EMPOWERING range of services in a COMPASSIONATE and HEALING environment that gives people the best opportunity for long term success and happiness. Since 2002 Hired Power has helped several thousand families. 

IRI Co-founders and Recovery Specialist Trainers

Download IRI Recovery Specialists Training for Individuals & Families: Agenda and Content: CLICK HERE 


Become a Certified Recovery Specialist. 

What is a Recovery Specialist? 


"Recovery Specialist" is a broader term for an individual who provides one on one client and family services within a treatment setting and/or client’s home community or travel. Recovery Specialists work with clients - and their families - who suffer from  addiction or mental health issues.

There is no standard definition for a recovery specialist - common titles for the role of the Recovery Specialist may include: Sober Coach, Sober Companion,
Personal Recovery Assistant, Mentor, Case Manager.

What is I.R.I Recovery Specialist Training? 


Because this is an unregulated area,  there is no standard national or international accreditation, governing body or code of conduct for Recovery Specialists, which is why it is crucial that the highest standards of training are provided and maintained to ensure that clients are looked after in the best possible way, and that the recovery specialists have the tools to look after themselves and find support from other professionals. 

Globally recognized as a leader in the field of recovery, International Recovery Institute provides the highest level of excellence, beginning with a thorough theoretical foundation, establishes the highest standards of ethical practice, teaches practical skills, procedure and protocols to achieve measurable outcomes. Training objectives include the highest ethical standards, professional skills and full knowledge and understanding of the role of Recovery Specialist. 

With the combined experiences of Arise-Network and Hired Power, International Recovery Institute brings 40 years of research and practice into its training programmes, and the real life on the job expertise and experience of Hired Power which has been leading the area of transitional  services since 2002 with the highest standards of professionalism, safety and responsibility.


Training will cover: 

  • Ethics and Boundaries
  • Mental Health/Dual Diagnosis Issues/Substance Abuse
  • Industry Standards
  • History of Peer/Recovery Specialist
  • Multi-Cultural Issues
  • Family Systems
  • Plans and Goals for Clients
  • Crisis Management
  • Continuum of Care Planning
  • Implementing a Recovery Plan

The benefits of IRI Recovery Specialist Certification

  • provide ongoing personal recovery and sobriety support to clients
  • certification is internationally recognized
  • certification designates specialization in the field of recovery
  • serve a wide range of clientele including individuals and families
  • understand the dynamics of the family system and provide support to families of individuals in recovery.  
  • ability to create your own business or work in the field of addiction & recovery 

Individuals & Families: Agenda and Content: Day 1, 2, & 3 + 

IRI Recovery Specialist Advanced Day - Part 1: Music Industry: Agenda and Content: Day 4

10 May 2018
  1. Didactic and Interactive
  2. Didactic and Interactive
  3. Interactive and experiential
  4. Didactic and Interactive
  5. Didactic and Interactive  
  6. Interactive and experiential
  7. Didactic and Interactive and experiential
11 May 2018
  1. Discussion
  2. Interactive and experiential
  3. Interactive and experiential
  4. Didactic and interactive
  5. Didactic and interactive
  6. Didactic and interactive
  7. Didactic and interactive

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