This year we have decided to launch a new campaign: The Interactive-i.

We want to make sure that every delegate at our conferences has the opportunity to have their say. If you want to hear something specific from a speaker you know will be in attendance… let us know. If you know of a speaker in the Behavioural, Mental or Emotional (BME) Health fields that you are desperate to hear from… let us know. If you have an inspiring and interesting blog topic that you want to write about… let us know. If you want us, or one of our speakers, to write on a particular topic… let us know. We will do our best to accommodate and tailor our events and our communications so that all voices and ideas are shared and heard. 

In order to expand knowledge, exchange ideas and advance the prevention and treatment of BME health issues, we need input from every area of the BME health fields. We know that our conferences light sparks within each and every one of us. Let’s keep those sparks alight throughout the year. Let’s fan the flames that we have ignited before, during and after during our conferences and make sure that we continue to carry the momentum forward. 


Join us! Have your say and take part in the interactive-i by filling out the form below...


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