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  • Thank you for having me at #ICAADLondon2018! The conference was engaging, thought provoking and inspiring. The ICAAD team has laid the foundation and set the standard for what a conference can be, who a conference can bring together and how we can challenge ourselves to take our work to the next level.
    Holly Ryan
    Heather Hayes & Associates
  • Thank you to the whole team for a wonderful conference and the beautiful work, energy and space you created. We are so happy we came.
    Patty Baret
    Connections in Recovery
  • Truly well done to the iCAAD team - you did an outstanding job and we thoroughly enjoyed being part of this year’s conference!
    Helle Steinicke Asquith
    Kingsley Napley LLP
  • Sam and ICAAD team huge congratulations, to pull the community together, so many great talks thank you
    Fiona Arrigo -CEO
    The Arrigo Programme
  • The event has been down right fantastic the team have really outdone yourselves on this one! We of #TrioraUK are so proud to be part of the #ICAAD family. Thanks a million....
    Kevin Römer -CMO
  • My first - definitely not my last - you guys excelled - brilliantly organised and executed! It was wonderful. Thank you very much.
    Adrianna Irvine
  • A top of the line, beautiful experience; super hotel and a stunning neighbourhood!
    Judy Crane
    The Trauma Heart


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