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Rome 2019

A special 3 day conference, split into two specific events

October 17th & 18th
The Rome Consensus 2.0: A humanitarian drug policy alliance

October 18th & 19th

iCAAD’s 3rd conference in Rome: Family Reunited.

Rome Consesus 2.0: A humanitarian drug policy alliance

Concerns about rising levels of addiction, and how to respond, are back at the top of policy agendas worldwide. The non-medical use of prescription drugs is a major threat to public health and law enforcement worldwide with opioids accounting for 76% of deaths where drug use disorders were implicated, as released by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC).

The Rome Consensus for Humanitarian Drug Policy was created in 2005 and developed as a partnership between the Italian Red Cross (ItRC), the International Council on Security and Development (ICOS) and the Villa Maraini Foundation (VMF).

The scale, of the opioid pandemic requires a re-examination of policies and strategies among policy makers in the Criminal Justice, Behavioral Health, Medical and Community sectors worldwide.

The US experience has sparked innovation in both treatment services and criminal justice responses to the opioid epidemic, spurring a move from diversion to deflection models. The Humanitarian Drug Policy Alliance and its partners in this event, believe that it is time to re-examine European best practices in the alternative justice and harm reduction areas with the aim to design (advance) effective person-centered treatment systems.

The Rome Consensus 2.0 is a re-launch and review of what we’ve done and learned so far, at a series of meetings to promote discussion and then action on the Consensus Statement.

Together we can respond rapidly and effectively towards the opioid epidemic on European shores.

This event brings together leaders, experts and public authorities from across Europe and the US to explore ways to effectively combine health, criminal justice and community responses to addiction. The goal is to avoid the suffering and death toll caused by the opioid epidemic, by inspiring and spreading a humanitarian drug policy approach worldwide.

iCAAD Presents: Family Reunited

iCAAD presents its 3rd Conference in Rome in collaboration with the Villa Maraini Foundation.

This event is for individuals, families and communities facing the complexity of addiction and associated mental health disorders.

Using the trajectory of a complete lifespan; infancy to end of life, presentations will inform on relational co-dependency and epigenetic trauma, psychosocial harm reduction, the aetiology of addiction disorders on the family system, with particular attention to global epidemics - opioids and impulse control disorders which include gambling, gaming and technology addictions. We will also be looking at preventions and solutions to reunite families and their younger generations.

The conference program will deliver evidence-based treatment models, intervention guidelines and recovery resources, aimed at strengthening reintegration in a lasting way. This conference is for professionals of therapeutic, clinical and medical support services and an informative event for family carers, teachers and individuals interested in the latest services and treatment modalities for addiction.

The whole event will be covered by simultaneous translation.

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