Milton Abbey 2018

Thursday 8th March 2018
09:00 - 16:30

Courageous Conversations

iCAAD was proud to announce a ground-breaking new initiative – at a time when the country was calling for more prevention and interventions for mental health issues in general, and particularly in young people, our “Courageous Conversations” event brought our conference style and expert presenters on mental and emotional health to Milton Abbey School in Dorset. We took over the WHOLE of Milton Abbey School for this cutting edge one-day event which brought students, parents and ALL of the Milton Abbey teacher staff together. The event was also open to any other interested parents, professionals and establishments.

FEATURED speakers

Milton Abbey Head Master, Magnus Bashaarat is sensitive to these issues and dedicated a full day out of the school calendar to talk about mental health well-being. He has worked alongside us to develop this unique event.

He comments ‘Young people’s mental and emotional wellbeing is seldom out of the news. As parents and educators we are all too aware of the pressures and difficulties facing teenagers who are trying to cope with the relatively new phenomenon of 24/7 social media and the reality of their day to day lives being constantly ‘shared’ and commented upon. Whilst long term research has yet to be done on the impact of this, the short term impact is there for all to see.’ He adds ‘The hope is that those parents who attend ‘Courageous Conversations’ will leave feeling better informed and prepared to engage with their children on these delicate subjects and better able to prevent problems before they arise.’

Throughout the day there was a Parents and Staff and a Student's programme. Pupils, parents, teachers and staff will hear from leading expert healthcare professionals and engage in panel discussions, presentations and workshops across a wide range of pertinent topics including: Self-Harm & Eating Disorders; Sex, Love & Relationships; Social media; and Mental health, Depression & Anxiety.

At the end of the day each delegate received a full resource pack with information from clinical partners and sponsors.

Professional delegates were able to receive a CPD certificate of attendance.

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