London 2018

Our London 2018 events was unique gathering of people, knowledge and passion - and the common goal of improving the prevention and treatment of Behavioural, Emotional and Mental Heath and promoting wellbeing. We are so grateful that over 1000 of you attended making this the biggest and best yet.

Among many other interwoven themes, in the midst of the opiate epidemic we’ll be exploring alternatives to chronic pain management, discussing policy change with the most influential action groups in the country and highlighting solutions and innovations to promote better detection, intervention and treatment of opioid addiction, and the potential that criminal justice diversion has to aid the process.

We’ll be examining issues from substance misuse to behavioural compulsions ranging from excessive screen watching, gaming and social media, to boundaries and labelling within sex and lifestyle choices as well as how to work affirmatively with GSRD individuals. We will also be addressing attachment obsessions, and the importance of including families in the treatment of substance use disorders in individuals.

Continuing our pledge to include humanitarian issues at all our conferences; this year we are addressing modern slavery, human trafficking, and possible resolution from natural or man made catastrophic trauma. We’ll also be looking at addiction and abuse in special populations and those with traumatic brain injury and intellectual disabilities.

We’ll be considering 12 Step recovery in today’s context - where we are with its facilitation in practices and treatment centres. Is the Minnesota model still relevant? How we got here - the history and evolution of Alcoholics Anonymous, the spiritual solution in a modern society, and how emotional sobriety and wellbeing are crucial parts of the process.

The portrayal of mental health professionals and addiction in the movies will feature and we will be holding a mini Recovery Street Film Festival and screening “The Circle,” a film about how a combination of yoga and 12 Step recovery is being used to help addicted street children in India.

We’ll be looking at music therapy, sensory motor psychotherapy, working with addicted artists and musicians. We will study somatic therapy, dealing with compassion fatigue, using decisional analysis in business, the principles of ethics and economics, and understanding gender issues in treatment settings, as well as the ever important role of recovery coaching in bridging the gap between treatment and life.

We are always striving to be the best and happiest possible versions of ourselves and so we will be examining Spirituality and Wellbeing along with Emotional Intelligence and Leadership to see how best we can continue achieving this goal.

We’ll be looking at addiction in the workplace and the impact of digital innovation on individual sole traders and clinical practices – what it’s like being digital citizens in the age of digital revolution, and the positive and negative effects of social media on adolescents.

Throughout the event, between the enlightening, educational, harrowing, touching and motivating presentations, panels and workshops, we will connect, re-connect and form new bonds, furthering advancement in the fields of behavioural, emotional and mental health. Don’t miss this significant opportunity to be part of our global mission to unite experts across borders in this exceptional conference.

These are just a few hand picked highlights. To view the 3 day, 50+ presentation schedule for full details on all that is available, please click here.

We very much hope you will choose to join us at iCAAD London 2018!

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Jul 29, 2018 - Video

Improving the Cost-Effectiveness of Addiction Treatment Centres

All addiction treatment centres face the challenge of allocating resources across budget areas to obtain best value for money. This requires a clear...

Jul 29, 2018 - Video

From the Drunkard to the Alcoholic, via the Monomaniac, Inebriate and Degenerate

From the Drunkard to the Alcoholic, via the Monomaniac, Inebriate and Degenerate: The Discourses of Drunkenness That Informed the Birth of Alcoholics...

Jul 29, 2018 - Video

What Can the Past Teach Us About the Future of Addictions Counselling?

The presentation and workshop will be a participatory session discussing the future of addictions counselling, and how decades of experience can...

Jul 29, 2018 - Video

Drug and Alcohol Apprenticeships and Beyond: Keeping the Workforce Up-to-Date

This session will look at the latest developments in what may be the greatest change in workforce development - the drug and alcohol worker...

Jul 29, 2018 - Video

Tipping Point

This presentation will focus on the challenges faced when getting young people into treatment. Looking at the importance of safety, structure, trust...

Jul 29, 2018 - Video

Spiritual Culture, Wisdom and Practice: Incorporating the Sacred Into Treatment

Rev Abel leads an integrated spiritual care team for Caron Treatment Centers and speaks for Caron on spirituality in addiction and other behavioural...

Jul 23, 2018 - Video

Helping Families & Communities Access Resilience to Prevent Mental Illness & Addiction Following Mass Disaster

We may not be able to stop natural or human made mass disasters, losses from major epidemics, or acts of random violence from happening in our world...

Jul 22, 2018 - Video

When Is Sexual Behaviour a Lifestyle Choice and When Is It an Addiction?

This presentation will explore the challenges faced when working with people with diverse sexual lifestyles, including those within ChemSex...

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