Brussels Oct 2017

iCAAD Brussels, October 2017 took place on Thursday 12th October, at Callens Cafe. The one day conference followed by a conversational dinner was a resounding success. We we able to provide a genuine and fruitful networking environment. We heard an array of informative perspectives - from treatment modalities and therapeutic approaches adopted by renowned clinicians, to preventive methods explained through a dynamic and interactive workshop.

It was a pleasure to reconnect with delegates from our previous Paris and London events, who, effortlessly joined the conversation alongside a diverse audience of professionals who came from all over Belgium to see Dr Bruno Gribomont, Dr Daniel Souery, Dr Constant Mouton, Christophe Saueurwein, Christophe De Pauw, Piet Jansen, Dr Owen Bowden-Jones, Dr Paul Bain along with Marie-Line Foisy and Patricia Bernard presenting their experience.

The conference addressed the following themes:

  • Integration of treatment methods in the new era. Examining different ways to engage with and help clients in light of the abundance of new research, the increasing recognition of complex co-morbidity, conflicting treatment ideologies and the ever widening definition of what constitutes an addictive disorder, including those such as eating, sex or tech, where abstinence is not possible or practical.
  • Navigating the landscape of youth. Finding ways to understand adolescents within their own contexts and frames of reference, and to adapt our treatment methods without losing impact. Looking for the line between the obligatory "acting out" and signs of addictive disorders. Non therapeutic methods such as healthy family communication, and when all else fails meeting them on the frontline, or treating them in a safe space.
  • The universal connection: Mind and matter. We looked at the growing weight of research evidencing that many if not most psychiatric disorders result from dysfunctional complex brain mechanisms - or cortico-limbic miscommunication in different levels of neuro-circuitry. Via brain imaging research we mapped out common pathways and systems which can malfunction in this context.

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