English Programme iCAAD Paris 2018


The Great Debate: "Care, Prevention and the Protection of Citizens: The Tricky Triangular Battle Against Addiction"


Addictive disorders are a growing crisis, striking at the very heart of the individual, the family and contemporary society. 

How can we develop new ways of thinking out our responses in the face of a core problem that is complex, hard to endure, stigmatised and eminently difficult to deal with and treat, while keeping humanity at the core?

To discuss these issues and further explore the options proposed by all five conferences of the day, iCAAD is holding a Great Debate comprising of French and International experts.


Christophe Sauerwein, Academic Director, Psychotherapist - iCAAD Events
Jac Charlier , National Director for Justice Initiatives - Centre for Health and Justice at TASC
Michel Reynaud , Professeur des Universités, Président du Fonds, Fondateur - Actions Addictions, Village Addict’Aide
Mike Trace, Chief Executive - Forward Trust
Ruth Gozlan , Chargée de mission sante - Mission Interministérielle de Lutte contre les Drogues et les Conduites Addictives (MILDECA)


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