English Programme iCAAD Paris 2018


New perspectives of training on addiction: specific approaches to a specific pathology. The Development of Vocational Training – Addiction Counselling


Counselling such as it is now practiced, is informed by 25 years of experience and needs to be formalised. With group therapy at the heart of this approach, it has sparked interest in the medical-social services, now keen to grasp the knowledge which it conveys. 

With the AURORE Association seeking to establish a diploma in counselling course, this presentation will explore the developments of this training project, and highlight the specific and relevant aspects of the approach in question.


Rani Duprat, Counsellor en Addictologie - Therapeutic Community of Aubervilliers, and the APTE Addiction Treatment Centre
Susie Longbottom , Chef de service, Communauté Thérapeutique d’Aubervilliers - Association Aurore


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